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Dell/Intel/Bosch IoT Starter Kit

Welcome to the documentation homepage for the Dell/Intel/Bosch IoT Starter Kit. This page contains links to all of the documentation resources that will help you start building your IoT solutions.

Follow the guides in this order in order to set up your IoT Acceleration Starter Kit:

relayr Edge Agent Guide

Our comprehensive relayr Edge Agent guide covers the following topics:

  • relayr Edge Agent Overview: An introduction to relayr Edge Agent and how it enables fog computing for the Industrial Internet of Things.
  • Setup: How to configure the relayr Edge Agent on your Dell 5100 Gateway and connect it to the cloud.
  • Installed Software: Descriptions of the software components included in a complete relayr Edge Agent implementation.

Intel® Edison Guide

Our Intel® Edison setup guide explains how to prepare your Intel® Edison for use as part of your starter kit.

Once your Edison is set up, you can start developing for it in Python or Arduino. We have documentation in both languages, including code examples, located in the GitHub repository:

Cross Domain Development Kit from Bosch Guide

The XDK Onboarding Guide explains how to set up your Cross Domain Development Kit to run with Edge Agent and start sending data to the relayr Cloud.

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