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Intel® Edison and the Cisco/Avnet/Intel IoT Starter Kit

The Intel® Edison is a single-board computer with a Silvermont dual-core Intel® Atom CPU, integrating WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, 1 GB DDR, 4 GB eMMC flash memory and USB controllers. The 40 multiplexed GPIO pins, high computing power and connectivity capabilities allow rapid industrial IoT and fog computing prototyping.

In this repository, you will find tutorials and code examples of how to make use of the Edison as a sensor node with the Cisco/Avnet/Intel IoT Starter Kit using two languages: Python and Arduino.

Intel Edison board setup with laptop

This document provides resources on how to get started with the Edison, including the mechanical assembly. If your board has already been assembled, then please navigate to one of the available tutorials to continue:


The following hardware is required:

A computer is required to connect the Edison board for flashing and configuration.

  NOTE:   The additional hardware required for the code examples is specified the Arduino and Python tutorials. All necessary parts are included in the Cisco/Avnet/Intel IoT Starter Kit.

Installation and configuration

Setting up the hardware

Assemble the Arduino Expansion Board found in your IoT Starter Kit according to the directions in the official Intel® Edison guide.

Before continuing, make sure that your board looks like this:

Edison assembled board

After that, plug the Grove Base Shield onto your Arduino Expansion Board as shown below, and you’ll be ready to go:

Edison with the base shield

Setting up the software

Once our board is ready, it’s time to configure the software of the Edison according to the programming language of your choice. Before proceeding with the Edge Agent integration, select one of the following tutorials, and complete all the steps:

Association with the Edge Agent

In order to associate your Edison with the Edge Agent, you must first set up the Edison software according to the programming language of your choice. See the instructions on how to do so for Arduino or Python.

  NOTE:   The Edison’s firmware must be configured such that the MQTT server is set to the IP address where the Edge Agent is running, NOT the default value of See step 2 of the setup section in the Edge Agent guide for instructions on how to find this IP.

Once you’ve done that, then see the relevant section in the Edge Agent guide for instructions on how to perform the device association.

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