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Cisco/Avnet/Intel IoT Starter Kit

Welcome to the documentation homepage for the Cisco/Avnet/Intel IoT Starter Kit. On this page, you’ll find links to documentation for all of the components of your starter kit. Read the guides in the order shown, and by the end you’ll be ready to start building your own Industrial IoT solutions.

Cisco® IR809 Setup Guide

The first step in the process is to prepare the Cisco® IR809 Gateway included in your Industrial IoT Starter Kit by following the steps in the IR809 Setup Guide.

relayr Edge Agent Guide

Our comprehensive relayr Edge Agent guide explains the setup process and functionality of the relayr Edge Agent.

Intel® Edison Guide

Our Intel® Edison setup guide explains how to prepare your Intel® Edison for use as part of your starter kit.

Once your Edison is set up, you can start developing for it in Python or Arduino. We have documentation in both languages, including code examples, located in the GitHub repository:

The IO-Link Sensors Guide will help you install and configure the IO-Link sensors included in your Cisco/Avnet/Intel IoT Starter Kit so that you can publish data from the sensors to the cloud.

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