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IoT Starter Kits

In order to make prototyping for the Internet of Things easier, relayr and its partners have developed packaged solutions containing enterprise-grade hardware and middleware. Here you can find links to all of the documentation that will help you get up and running with your starter kit.

Dell/Intel/Bosch IoT Starter Kit

IoT Acceleration Kit with hardware from Dell, Intel, Bosch

The Dell/Intel/Bosch Starter Kit enables fast and cost-effective creation of IoT solutions straight out of the box using hardware solutions from Dell, Intel and Bosch.

Click here to go to the homepage for the IDell/Intel/Bosch IoT Starter Kit.

Cisco/Avnet/Intel IoT Starter Kit

Cisco/Avnet/Intel IoT Starter Kit with hardware from Cisco, Avnet, IO-Link

The Cisco/Avnet/Intel IoT Starter Kit provides heavy industry with a cost-effective starting point for harnessing the power of IoT in their operations using hardware solutions from Cisco, Avnet, Intel and IFM.

Click here to go to the homepage for the Cisco/Avnet/Intel IoT Starter Kit.

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