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relayr Cloud 2.0 API Reference

This is the homepage for the relayr Cloud API endpoints.

The API is organized in four three big topics:

Device management

Devices constitute the most basic element of the relayr platform. A deviceis an entity that can transmit and receive data to and from the Cloud. This can include both physical devices and virtual devices. A physical device refers to physical hardware, such as a single-board computer (e.g., the Raspberry Pi), a sensor node, an actuator node, or any other piece of equipment capable of connecting to the relayr Cloud. The term node refers to a component of a computer network. For our purposes, the sensor and/or actuator is a node in a network. In the most basic case this network will have only two nodes: your device and the relayr Cloud.

A virtual device refers to a program running locally on a computer that sends and receives data to and from the relayr Cloud. It implements a sensor and/or actuator through programming. An example of such is the relayr device emulator.

The device management available HTTP services are:

Data management

Devices generate and consume data. Here is the list of data related services organized by transport type WebSocket and HTTP.

WebSocket transport

HTTP transport

User management

Devices are managed by users. The user related services are:

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